Secondary IP Address Configuration

Each physical NetScreen interface has a single, unique primary IP address. When it is necessary for an interface in the Trust or DMZ zone to have multiple IP addresses, you can add secondary IP addresses.

Secondary Address Properties

Secondary addresses have certain properties that affect how you can implement such addresses.

Secondary IP Address List

At the top of the Interface (Secondary IPs) page, you can see which interface the secondary IP addresses belong to. For example, you see:

Interface: ethernet3/2 (IP/Netmask:

This table lists all the secondary IP addresses that belong to the interface indicated at the top of the page.

IP Address/Netmask: Indicates the IP address and netmask.

Configure: Click Remove to remove the configure secondary IP address.

Note: You cannot modify a secondary IP address, but you can remove it, and then configure a new one.

To Create a New Secondary IP

  1. Enter the necessary information:

In the Add New Entry box, enter the IP address and the subnet mask of the secondary IP you are configuring.

  1. Click Add to save the secondary IP address.

The new secondary IP address appears in the Secondary IP list.