VPN Monitor Status

The VPN Monitor Status page contains up-to-date information on the activity of each VPN tunnel configured on the NetScreen device and their respective security association (SA).

VPN Monitor Status List

You can select how many entries per page you want to view from the List_per page drop-down list.

This page displays a table that lists all the VPN groups configured on the NetScreen device. It also contains the following information about each VPN group:

VPN Name: Indicates the name of the VPN tunnel.

SA ID: Indicates the identification number of the security association.

Policy ID: Indicates the identification number of the policy that the VPN tunnel uses.

Peer Gateway IP: Indicates the IP address of the peer gateway.

Type: Indicates the type of VPN tunnel.

SA Status: Indicates whether the security association is active or inactive.

Link: Indicates whether the link is active or inactive.

You can sort the list by VPN Name, Peer Gateway IP, or Link by clicking on the appropriate column title.

Filtering the VPN Monitor List

You can use the filtering feature to view the status of specific VPN tunnels only.

To Filter the List

  1. Click Filter.

The Monitor Filter Page appears.

  1. Enter information in as many fields as you want and leave the default asterisk (*) in the fields in which you don't enter any information.

  2. Click Go to launch the filtering.

If the filtering is successful, the list reappears displaying only the VPN tunnels that match the information you specified in the Monitor Filter Page.

  1. To view all VPN tunnels, click Show All.